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  Doggy Pianist   (toegevoegd: 16/12/2016 08:26) - Quotering bezoekers:

A guy walks into a bar with a small dog.

The bartender demands, "Get out of here with that dog!"

The guy answers, "But this is not just any dog... this dog can play the piano!"

The bartender replies, "Well, if he can play that piano, you both can stay... and have a drink on the house!"

The guy sits the dog on the piano stool, and the dog starts playing, Ragtime, Mozart... and the bartender and patrons are enjoying the music.

Suddenly a bigger dog runs in, grabs the small dog by the scruff of the neck and drags him out.

The bartender asks the guy, "What was that all about?"

The guy replies, "Oh, that was his mother. She wants him to be a doctor."

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