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 Night Club

  Act   (toegevoegd: 27/02/2017 08:58) - Quotering bezoekers:

A small boy and girl wanted to act grown-up, so they played -night club-.

He set up a small bar with paper cups and Kool-Aid, and gave the young lady one drink after another.

Soon, she asked, "Do you have a ladies room?"

He replied, "Sure. Over there. Behind that big tree."

She went behind the tree, squatted, and peeked at the bartender -- only to find he was peeking back at her!

She asked, "Would you like to see it?"

He enthusiastically nodded “Yes!” so she gave him a flash.

Then she offered, "Do you want to kiss it?"

He responded, "Heck, no! I am not a real bartender!"

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