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  Husband   (toegevoegd: 13/03/2017 08:47) - Quotering bezoekers:

A housewife is at home when she suddenly hears a knock on the door.

When she opens the door, a man asks her if she has a vagina.

The woman slams the door in disbelief of what a stranger has just asked her.

The same thing happens three consecutive days, so the woman decides to fill in her husband.

The husband tells the wife, "Tomorrow I am not going to work; when the man asks if you have a vagina, say “yes,” and I will be hiding behind the door."

The next day the very same man comes by and, when the woman opens the door, he asks if she has the vagina; the woman answers "Yes."

The man then related to the woman, "Good! Then please tell your husband to stop screwing my wife!"

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