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 Venereal Disease

  No Big Deal   (toegevoegd: 03/03/2017 08:32) - Quotering bezoekers:

Two very nervous men got to talking in the doctor waiting room.

They discovered they had similar symptoms: one had a red ring around the base of his penis and the other one had a green ring.

The fellow with the red ring was examined first.

In a few minutes he came out, all smiles, and said, "Do not worry, man, it is nothing."

Vastly relived, the second man went into the examining room, only to be told a few minutes later by the doctor, "I am sorry, but you have an advanced case of VD.

I am afraid you will have to be castrated."

Turning white, the young man gasped, "But the first guy... He said it was no big deal!"

"Well, you know," said the doctor, "there is a big difference between gangrene and lipstick."

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